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Freedom Business Management is a full service business loan consulting firm. We utilize our expertise in business accounting and lending to assist companies in their pursuit of obtaining traditional financing to grow their business.


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Jerry Freedman

I utilize my expertise in business accounting and lending to assist many companies in their pursuit of obtaining traditional financing. My goal is to create a seamless financing process that allows my clients to be able to continue to focus on the day-to-day of their business. I have an extensive background in accounting and auditing companies on behalf of bank lenders. Because of this, I understand and know what lenders are looking for, and structure deals accordingly. This is why I am proud to say, we have a 99% close rate.



Like with most things, it all starts with a phone call. First, we have to gather the relevant information to plan for the next step. We ask the right questions so don't need to worry about missing anything.


Then, the deal is put together. We have dozens of years of experience, mixed with the knowledge gained from closing hundreds of deals. This stage is where we submit the deal to lenders for approval.


Finally, we move to closing. We will submit all the relevant documents and information on your behalf. Then, once approved, you'll be on your way to grow your business - and become another happy client. 


Tzvi Gordon


"I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Jerry. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jerry on several projects. Jerry’s ability to handle multiple projects produces a dramatic increase in productivity. Jerry’s transformative knowledge of accounting and finance empowers clients to reduce borrowing costs and increase profits. Jerry earns my highest recommendation."

Mordy Goode


"Jerry helped my partners and I get approved for a large line of credit, as well as a term loan that more than doubled our borrowing capacity. Aside from introducing us to the right financing partner, Jerry acted as our interim CFO, helping us to negotiate the terms and facilitate the entire process. We only spoke with and met the lender only once before closing. I highly recommend Jerry."

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What is your process for loan requests?

Generally, we like to start with a 15-30 minute introductory call. After the call, we will send you a complete request list of items that are needed to determine feasibility and more fully evaluate the opportunity. Our review can take between 3 business days to one week and is contingent on receiving all requested items. If a deal is feasible, we will then begin submitting your information to our close network of lenders. We generally begin to receive term sheets and offers within 1-2 weeks. Once we have aggregated all offers, we will discuss them with you in detail. Once you decide which lender you would like to proceed with, we will work with you to compile additional lender specific requests and submit the package for underwriting. Underwriting with most lenders can take 2-3 weeks from submission of a complete package. Our goal is to assist you to get an approval and close the loan as expeditiously as possible.

What is the turnaround time for my loan request?

Most requests can take 60-90 days from application to funding. We are not a quick fix funding solution. We are here to set your company up for success with traditional lending solutions. The process can take time and will have setbacks if there are delays on information requests from you or third parties.

Will you do a hard pull on my credit?

No. Your credit is only pulled once you have moved into formal underwriting with a lender. For this reason, it is important you are upfront with us regarding your personal credit score, personal credit history, and inform us regarding possible liens, judgements, bankruptcies, and active litigation.

To what extent do you underwrite my company before you submit our information to lenders?

Our success rate speaks for itself. 99% of our loans have been approved to date. We believe in only submitting requests that will result in an approval. Accordingly, we do an extensive underwriting of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the company before submitting your company info to lenders.

What is your fee?

Every loan is different, and this will be discussed with you earlier on in the process. Before sending you term sheets from lenders, we will send you an agreement to execute so we can ensure we are all on the same page regarding the nature of our relationship and how we will be compensated.

Will I have to move my banking if I get a loan through once of your lenders?

Not necessarily. This is very lender specific. We work with all kinds of lenders all over the country. If a banking relationship is required, it is generally delineated on the term sheet.


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